A Global mHealth Project

For Treating Diabetes

Reach patients early, empower them to treat their diabetes smartly, and improve the well being of our world community.

Diabetes: a BIG Problem

228 Million

have diabetes worldwide


in developing countries by 2025


of diabetes related deaths are people under 60 years old in developing countries

Treating diabetes early is easier, significantly less expensive and ensures quality of life.

Solution: A Circle of Care

Glucose Trail is a diabetes solution bringing education and care to the patient at home, harnessing the use of mobile health technology.


Diabetes, a silent disease in its early stages, will be diagnosed and treated early, before irreversible complications set in.

Health Care Companion

Community healthcare companions will serve as the important link between remote doctors and patients. They create a circle of care utilizing community resources.


Diabetes specialists will drive affordable, sustainable and effective treatment plans remotely.

Clean Eating

Local community grocers will provide patients with sustainable, healthy options for meal planning.

Physical Activity

Community recreational areas and home solutions will be created for daily physical activity.


Local pharmacies will be identified to provide ongoing medication and insulin supplies.

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Team Members

Naaznin Lokhandwala

Co-Founder, Endocrinologist

Shafiq Lokhandwala

Co-Founder, Software Engineer

Usama Javed

Advisor, Operations Lead

Faizan Tirmizi

Team Operations, Saving9

Saalik Lokhandwala

Product Manager

Shahnaz Kapadia

Advisor, CEO at Mera Maan

Dinamarie Garcia-Banigan, MD, MPH

Board Member, Endocrinologist

Laura Walta

Board Member

Rashida Abbas Ferrand

Advisor, Epidemiologist

Durriya Doctor

Board Member

John Troy

Former Board Member

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